8 weeks old…

The puppies are now 8 weeks old and growing fast! Here are two videos of them playing and exploring in the garden with their Mum – Jade and also their father Storm.


They are having such fun finding out about the world around them…


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I could get over the fence if I wanted too!

Six of the puppies looking over the fence in the garden pen. I am sure they are just deciding if it is worth the effort of getting over the fence to go into the “Big wide world”

I am sure they will be doing it soon…

I could get out

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How many puppies in one small basket?

How many puppies can you get in one small basket? They all seem to want to sleep together even though there are more baskets available…

In the basket

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6 weeks old

The puppies are now out in the garden during the day and enjoying the Spanish sunshine! they are very happy playing outside together.

In the garden

Head shots of all the puppies taken today!

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Interesting to see the nose freckles coming through now!!

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Five weeks old!

The pups are now five weeks old and up on their feet. We have introduced some toys and some old favourites like the inside of toilet rolls/kitchen towels and old socks rolled up into balls. This video shows the puppies first look at these strange monsters!!


They are so sweet! It doesn´t take them long to work it out and now they are playing with them all the time…

Some photos taken this week –

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Four weeks old…

Jade´s pups are now four weeks old and growing quickly! Some photos for those of you who are following their progress –


Jade is now coming back with the other dogs in the evening. Mike sharing some food with all the dogs – he has their full attention!


Left to right – On the sofa – Amber and Ruby. On the floor – Megan, Sky, Jade and Storm

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Three weeks old!

Jade´s puppies are now three weeks old and starting to stand up and move around the box. They are now all hearing and most of their noses have turned black. Eating the solid food is a bit messy but they are getting the idea slowly…

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