6 weeks old

The puppies are now out in the garden during the day and enjoying the Spanish sunshine! they are very happy playing outside together.

In the garden

Head shots of all the puppies taken today!

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Interesting to see the nose freckles coming through now!!

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Five weeks old!

The pups are now five weeks old and up on their feet. We have introduced some toys and some old favourites like the inside of toilet rolls/kitchen towels and old socks rolled up into balls. This video shows the puppies first look at these strange monsters!!


They are so sweet! It doesn´t take them long to work it out and now they are playing with them all the time…

Some photos taken this week –

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Four weeks old…

Jade´s pups are now four weeks old and growing quickly! Some photos for those of you who are following their progress –


Jade is now coming back with the other dogs in the evening. Mike sharing some food with all the dogs – he has their full attention!


Left to right – On the sofa – Amber and Ruby. On the floor – Megan, Sky, Jade and Storm

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Three weeks old!

Jade´s puppies are now three weeks old and starting to stand up and move around the box. They are now all hearing and most of their noses have turned black. Eating the solid food is a bit messy but they are getting the idea slowly…

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First video of puppies

Jade´s puppies are now starting to stand up and walk around the box. Their noses and paws are turning black and their eyes are open. They are listening to all the new noises around them. A lovely stage!

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Puppies are two weeks old!

Jade´s puppies are now two weeks old and growing well!

They are beginning to get their eyes open and starting to lift themselves up to try to walk although they spend most of the time falling over at the moment…such fun to watch!

Two weeks old

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Upside down eating!

The puppies are getting lots of milk from Jade but some have a different way of eating. As long as they hang onto the teat then the milk will flow!!

Upside down eating

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Jade says Happy Christmas!

Jade is smiling on Christmas day about her puppies who are growing fast – a very proud Mum…

Happy christmas from Jade

The puppies are one week old today (27th December 2015) and enjoying life!

Puppies one week old

Sleep – eat; sleep – eat; cuddle Mum; Cuddle brothers and sisters; sleep – eat; sleep -eat!

What a great life…

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Jade´s puppies are born

Jade had her puppies yesterday and we have 3 handsome boys and 5 gorgeous girls. All are fine and they were all good weights and nicely marked. Mum is feeding them well and has lots of milk and they are gaining weight already.


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Jade´s Litter is due

INT CH Cormallen Jade is expecting puppies on 21st December 2015. The father is our own JCH Cormallen Storm. We are very excited about this litter…

A64 YB 5th Cormallen Jade

This is Jade at Crufts in 2014 and a photo of Storm when he won Best Junior in Group 8 at Murcia in November 2015 –

Storm in Best Junior Group Final

This is the first pure bred Cormallen litter of Welsh Springer Spaniels.

If you are interested in a puppy then please contact me on julia@cormallen.co.uk


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